Production process

The entire hot-forging production cycle is carried out in-house, from cutting the bar to the sandblasting phase. RAD teams up with specialized external suppliers for machining and other surface treatments.

Materials and alloys

RAD is able to produce parts in the most common brass, copper and aluminium alloys. The table below details the most commons alloys used; for additional information please contact our commercial office.

Brass alloys Commercial name Chemical composition
CW617N OT58  CuZn40Pb2 
CW612N High Copper content Alloy  CuZn39Pb2
CW510L OT57   CuZn42
CW509L Muntz Metal CuZn40
CW610N Muntz Metal with Lead CuZn39Pb0,5
CW602N ADZ Alloy CuZn36Pb2As
CW511L Low Lead Ot 57 Alloy CuZn38As
CW719R Naval brass CuZn39Sn1
*: For other particular alloys please contact our commercial office


Copper alloys Commercial name Chemical composition
CW004A - E-Cu 57 - CW024A Cu - ETP ETP 99,9%


Aluminium alloys Commercial name Chemical composition
6082 AW 6082 AlSi1MgMn



RAD’s machinery comprises several forging machines, both presses and screwpresses.

All production lines are completely automated, with electric-actuated load and discharge devices.

One of the forging lines is equipped with a robot managing every stage of the forging (die lubrication, load and unload of the parts), in order to attain the highest possible quality even for parts with complex shapes or heavy weights.

In addition to the forging machines RAD also has blanking machines, automatic sawing machines and sandblasting machines, with steel or inox grit.


RAD S.r.l. manufactures parts according to the customer's design.

Depending on the technical features of the part the most suitable forging method and machine are selected. Thanks to its flexible machinery RAD is able to forge everykind of parts: from the simplest ones, forged with high production rate, to the most complex parts, with weights ranging from 30 grams up to 15 kg.

RAD teams up with several subcontractrors to provide machined parts; suppliers are selected with the aim of ensuring a wide range of machinery, suitable for any type of request.

The sandblasting of the parts is carried out in-house, also with inox grit if needed.

For other surface finishes we rely on external suppliers who perform treatments such as:

  • Pickling
  • Nickel and chrome plating
  • Brushing and polishing
  • Brassing
  • Tumbling

Other treatments are available upon request.
In the gallery below are shown some of the parts we manufacture.



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